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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 6, 2013 8:30am-9:30am PST

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news this morning. stocking up and sending a message, thousands flock to a so cal gun show plus the new bay area push to curb gun violence. we are starting out with a fairly wet forecast for the bay area, especially in the southeast bay. the entire forecast in just a few minutes. they are in fact items that need to be appropriately addressed for purposes of keeping the economy going. >> and you're political insiders sound off on the fiscal cliff add-ons. the big money winners that went to the jackpot after congress finally reached a deal. it's 8:30, sunday, january 6th. thanks for joining us.
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i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm bill. everything from the fiscal cliff to global warming to a solution. the heat -- >> we are going to be talking with a lawmaker from berkeley, she is talking about introducing a bill that would limit the amount of ammunition you can buy. of course that's controversial in its own right. we will have our discussion with her. but first -- >> a state lawmaker from san francisco is proposing a homeless bill of rights. it basically -- the idea is to protect the civil rights of homeless people. >> statewide recommendations at a uniform plan in every california city where homeless people can get health care and find a clean bathroom or a place to stay. >> we are not going to usurp any local community's local laws about it but like to provide direction for how to
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alleviate homelessness. >> the goal is to help the homelessness rather than criminalize them. would also include free legal representation. new this morning, a shooting in san bruno puts a teenaged girl in the hospital. it happened just before 10:30 last night near the intersection of santa teresa way and park boulevard next to cappuccino high school. the san mateo county sheriff's office says the girl who was shot was 16 years old from south san francisco. right now in stable condition. no arrests have been made. across the nation, several gun shows within an hour's drive from where gunman opened fire at an elementary school in connecticut have been cancelled. organizers say the shows were just not appropriate in the weeks after the gunman killed 26 people including children in the town of newtown. but gun advocates still aren't backing down from their insistence on their right to bear and keep arms. one gun show is going on in nearby stamford, connecticut. organizers, however, say it
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sells mostly collectible weapons. and in southern california, big crowds turned out this weekend as well for other gun shows. >> cbs5 greg mills on why so many people turned out less than a month after the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> reporter: this place is packed. the gun show at the ontario convention center. the promoter expected 12,000 people here over this two day event. tracy is adjusting that number upward. >> probably closer to 15 to 18,000 people this weekend. >> reporter: so many people that the fire marshal shut the doors shortly after they opened at 9:00 a.m. this is what it looks like now meeting those limits. lines still long, especially for ammunition. ammo was stacked 4 feet high when people were let in this morning. >> most have sold out. >> reporter: they are hauling it out by the cart loads, the reason, concerned about congress taking aim at ammo, either putting exorbitant taxes on it or limiting the amount they can buy.
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brant joined the club of concerned gun owners. >> i joined the nra today hoping my funds would help them protect our second amendment rights. >> reporter: california already has some of the most strict gun laws in the country. if congress wants to ban automatic weapons as has been rumored, it won't affect our state. you can't sell them, buy them or even own them here. gun owners feel they are paying the brace for mass murders in connecticut and colorado. >> i don't think that a few people should make it to where everybody in the country has to pay for what these few people have done. >> reporter: the owner of the gun show promotion company is headed to washington this thursday for meetings on the gun issue. that invitation came from vice president joe biden. in ontario, greg mills, cbs5. 8:34 now. and we've seen showers for the past several hours. sounds like -- >> showers or drizzle. >> oh. >> okay. >> we call it sheavesle --
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shizzle in the business. the doppler is showing the main action moved out toward the central valley around modesto. still plenty of clouds to start out with and light showers, 44 degrees at concord, 48 in san francisco right now and 46 in san jose. after we dispense with the showers today, looks as if finally we will be drying it out for a while. bad news for fungus but good news for you and me. we will chat about that in a few minutes. >> i think you claimed a new phrase there, shizzle but then after that you have to say my nizzle. come on, guys. >> not going to go there. we have more important things to talk about. >> it may be game on for the san jose sharks. hours ago the nhl and the players association may have possibly ended the four month old lockout when they reached a tentative agreement. contract and schedule details still need to be worked out but we do know that all games through january 14th have been cancelled so not going to
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happen until then. if the agreement is approved, the doors open and we can salvage the second half of the season and have at least some kind of version of the stanley cup playoffs. president obama is expected to nominate chuck hagel to be the next secretary of defense. that announcement would happen as soon as tomorrow. hagel would replace current defense secretary leon panetta, of course lives down in monterey. he's represented the state of nebraska from 1997 until his retirement in 2009 and he may be facing an uphill battle during his confirmation hearings. some lawmakers say that i object to his views on iran and israel. gay rights organizations are concerned about disparaging comments he made about a gay former diplomate. another battle looming on the nation's best. >> that sounds like deja vu all over again. president obama says raising the debt ceiling needs to be done in order to avoid a government default and he wants congress to solve that problem. but he says he's not going to be pulled into a debate about it this year.
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republicans, however, may want to fight. they may tie the debt ceiling to spending cuts if they haven't -- that they haven't gotten so far. they see it as an opening and going to happen at the end of february when the debt limit comes up along with mandatory reductions in spending. the fiscal cliff tug-of-war ends with pork, a lot of it. plus big brother on the bus? how many muni plans to keep a close eye on its riders in the coming year. a new push to stop mass shootings and the stockpiling of ammo. our conversation with congresswoman nancy skinner coming up next. [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram.
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the new ram 1500.
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if you ride muni, get ready for your close-up. the agency is expanding its surveillance technology. cbs5 reporter mike sugerman on what that means for passengers. >> reporter: muni isn't usually the stuff of hollywood until it is. all 800 or so muni buses and
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several hundred trains are waiting to be changed so you can add your close-up or to help police figure who might have been at fault in this 2009 crash or maybe to figure a pickpocket. cameras and microphones have been in place for over a decade but change is coming. they record on the camera and erase themselves every 48 hours but soon transmitted back to muni or police in real time and that has privacy advocates very upset. >> all of the people who are getting onto public transit systems in san francisco are dealing with a virtual cop over their shoulders. >> reporter: rainy reitman of the electronic frontier foundation says authorities shouldn't be able to know what you're doing at all times. >> so it creates the situation where we are unable to have conversations free from surveillance, unable to go around the city with an -- an. >> reporter: it has to be
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copied onto a dvd and that takes time and it seemed to do it to save money and that's why the homeland security agency is giving muni 5 1/2 million dollars to get it done. it's all legal and commonplace, he says. >> our audio and video surveillance does not have the capability to listen in on specific conversations. the surveillance system as it is right now and the new system only picks up footage and audio -- >> reporter: riders seem to be split on the issue. >> to be able to have footprint and able to utilize the information perhaps without dis closing how they use it. >> actually, i approve of them because i've been a rider for over four years and i have witnessed just about anything and everything you can witness on these buses. >> reporter: the new transmission system will start being installed over the next several months. mike sugerman, cbs5.
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a heads up for anyone who relies on street parking in san francisco. starting today, there's no more free parking on sundays. >> oh, boy. talk about a longtime tradition coming to a saddened. all parking meters will operate as they do every day of the week seven days a week here. but you will get a bit of a break. parking control officers will issue just reminders instead of citations on cars with expired meters for the next three sundays. after that, you're looking at 60 to 80 bucks a ticket. and we are looking at showers drying up this morning. going to clear out. brian as more details on what we can expect. >> you want to come over and point to it? >> i'm giving a little preview. we will leave the details to you. >> look out, you'll be doing it next. we are looking at numbers mostly in the 40s to start out your sunday morning with, with mostly cloudy skies around the bay area, and what we expect out the door this morning is a little bit of drizzle, some fog around too, especially around livermore and concord and
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inland but we will get to get milky sunshine up in the north bay and that will spread south during the day. the showers are heading south for the time being. high def doppler bearing that out. most of the rain moved into the sacramento valley and down around the monterey peninsula, still light showers around the bay, not on the north bay and now on the peninsula. a little touch of it out on the east bay. livermore had light rain about an hour ago and pushed toward the altamonte pass and down to the south bay, now it's headed down toward morgan hill and hollister. a few showers early today, clearing and cool this afternoon and then high and dry for a little while and for a change. rainfall totals, boy, look at marin county up at the ferry terminal -- livermore 1/4 inch. low spinning over southern california and some aliens have blocked this part of the satellite data. we will have to be in touch
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with them and see what we have to do to get it back. low pressure is going to continue to move into the south lands with some light showers expected in los angeles tomorrow. we will look for showers early and then clearing this afternoon. pinpoint forecast is calling for if you're heading out of the bay area, partly cloudy skies in sacramento after the early morning showers. it will rain in eureka and tahoe and yosemite, great snow weekend. mid-50s will do it for the bay area, 53 at pacifica, 55 in san jose and 56 in santa rosa. after the chance today we go partly cloudy and in the extended forecast we will cool it down by friday with temperatures only in the low 50s, but if you look at this -- it looks pretty good. >> thanks. lawmakers in some state houses are now moving to regulate access to guns and ammunition. >> the new push follows the deadly shooting in connecticut and this morning we talked with state assembly woman nancy skinner from berkeley who is -- who has authored a bill on
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ammunition sales and we asked her why not go after guns instead of just the bullets. >> because right now it's so easy for anyone to buy bullets. doesn't matter your age, even though there's a restriction, even though the law says you must be over 18, you can't have mental health history backgrounds, you can't be a convicted felon, but you can buy bullets online, you can go into any of various stores, your i.d. is not checked, there's no record kept of the bullet sales and the dealer who sells the bullets to you does not have to report it to anybody. so how do you enforce that law? basically anyone can buy bullets in any amount for any reason right now. >> so if i get this straight, as it stands right now, what you're saying is that the law isn't being followed that we have on the books, it isn't being checked? >> very difficult to enforce because there's no database of bullet sales. a bullet seller doesn't have to be licensed and you don't have to check the i.d.
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of a person who buys bullets. >> now, is the idea to make this across the board? you're not going to ban bullets. what you're trying do is, it's regulate and keep an eye on the sales? >> it's regulating. >> the advocates are going to say wait a minute, where is the line here, right? are you crossing over and starting to infringe on our rights by keeping records of what we do, right? >> well, from my point of view, it's not an infringement on our rights because right now we already have the sale of guns highly regulated and so why is it that we do not have it regulated, the thing that makes a gun deadly, which is a bullet. and bullets are ravaging our community, guns, violence. we have all kinds of regulations to protect your and my public health, regulations around -- around sudafed or those around cold medicines, used to make speed. if i want to buy ephedrine cold
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medicine, i have to show i.d., they have to register it, it's in a database but yet bullets -- >> but speed isn't covered by the second amendment and that's what's going to happen when you propose this. you know that. you're sitting here, you're saying this, but when you get up to sacramento, there are going to be a number of lawmakers including democrats who are going to be looking at this rather skeptically. why is that? >> well, yes, there will be skeptics but california has already enacted a law that puts limits on handgun ammunition which governor; isn't -- governor schwarzenegger passed into law. it got held up in court and the definition of handguns was very vague. so basically what we are trying to do now is say don't limit it just to handguns. let's get rid of the vagueness in the constitutionality and make the sale of bullets comparable to the sale of guns. >> it kind of seems like to me
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this is aimed more at the mass shootings but of course we have people who are individually shot every day, which is the real concern for most people living around the area. >> basically it's aimed at both. it's aimed at the mass shootings because it will also notify local law enforcement if someone like the aurora shooter who amassed over 5000 rounds of ammunition in a very short period of time, in less than two weeks, in that kind of situation, local law enforcement would be notified. >> well, it's going to be interesting to see how far this goes in the state legislature. you have these proposed. when they get into those committees, things quietly tend to happen or not happen. >> yeah. well, and it's also going to be interesting because this is one of many measures that's being proposed on the state level and on the national level as well, and we were talking about will the momentum after the school shooting stick around enough for the politicians to get something done on this. that remains to be seen. >> right. well, meanwhile, we had the latest crisis. up next, special interest tax
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breaks during the fiscal cliff from nascar tracks to puerto rican rum. >> our political insider sounding off on all the pork needed to pass a fiscal cliff deal. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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will begin a big move tomor the iconic learning laboraty has packed up and is headedo o. it had a going to -- the iconic learning lab is packed up and it is heading to the embarcadero. it had a record breaking free admission day last wednesday.
8:53 am
i was out there. people were lined up around the block. that was its final day by the palace of fine arts. the exploratory is scheduled to reopen at pier 15 on april 17th and they are going to have about three times the space. 49ers playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. >> the niners will host the divisional playoff game next saturday at 5:00 p.m. and tickets for the general public go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. now, they are being sold at ticketmaster websites as well and once they sell out, fans can still shop for tickets on the nfl ticket exchange and also through ticketmaster. on capitol hill, the drama over the fiscal cliff ended with a lot of pork. >> and a little bit of a win for the new law passed so quickly that many in congress never actually realized what they were voting on and that it was packed with special interest tax breaks. tickets to, for example, nascar track owners got some $46 million in tax breaks, hollywood television and movie makers, well, they got about $266 million in breaks. and puerto rican rum
8:54 am
manufacturers got $480 million. okay. so what are the politics of forks? we turn to former mayor -- san francisco mayor willie brown and san francisco's political reporter joe garafoli. this fiscal cliff was so loaded with pork. is this the only way we can get things done in politics anymore. >> you refer to it as pork. it is a method by which you respond to the interests of the people who are to cast the vote and that's not pork. >> what is that then? >> paola? >> no. it's a way to go around the system -- >> it makes the system work, not go around the system. >> it goes around the system. items of pork are voted on and that may make the system work for people behind -- >> they are in fact items that need to be appropriately addressed for purposes of keeping the economy going. >> yeah, like subsidies to rum producers and subsidies for nascar track owners. >> they don't have votes,
8:55 am
joseph. >> exactly. i know -- >> they all have an interest, joseph and while their interests may not be taxes on the wealthy, they are prepared to put taxes on the wealthy provide you take care of their racetrack. >> they were wealthyenoughtohirealobbyistto get around the rules. >> the rules are the rules and nothing violated any of the rules. >> maybe not violated the rules but they did not go to a vote before the congress. >> they don't have to. >> i know. don't you want -- >> the vote before the congress came at the 11th hour when everybody had to cast a vote. this was not like somebody moved and did something without requiring obama's signature. everything was done -- >> this happens every year, stuff is stuffed in a ballot. this had nothing to do with the fiscal cliff and -- >> it does have to do with the fiscal cliff. >> no. >> you couldn't get the votes to address your issue and your
8:56 am
interpretation of what the cliff represents. >> exactly. >> until you do mine. and mine happens to be nascar. >> log rolling and that's what it's all about. >> didn't you see the movie lincoln? >> i had so see get trip trip -- guilt trip. it was sold out the other day. >> you will see a bird's-eye view of how it was in the 1860s when it was necessary to do what was to be done to allow me to sit here. >> welcome back. thousands -- and that was an interesting little pork politic -- >> it really makes you roll your eyes. >> no. why should it? >> all this drama about the fiscal cliff, middle class americans stuck in the middle waiting to find out what was going to happen and you knew a deal was going to come but they have to leave it hanging until the last minute to keep everybody on edge. it's irritating and now another bunch of drama coming up. >> it will be interesting to see what pork is in this fiscal
8:57 am
-- >> and another term we are going to be bantering about. thousands applying for the chance to serve and protect. the competitive application process that is happening now here in california. and a heated look -- lockout on ice may be on the end. new deal that may jump start the season for the san jose sharks and the national hockey league. the silicon valley movers and shaking driving into the world of geo engineering. we will be right back. ,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news this morning. for the first time in three years, the california highway patrol is looking for a new group of recruits. the academy training program about to pick up speed. a little cloudy, a little wet. we haven't seen too much sun yet. that rhymes. we are going to dry it out this week. we will have the entire forecast for you in a few minutes. and then she's got to sit back and being the -- about things that are beyond her personal influence on her personal control. >> advice for outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton, the last thing on her record that she will have to defend before congress. welcome back to eyewitness news this morning. the time is 8:59. it's january 6th. good morning. i'm bill matere.
9:01 am
>> and i'm anne makovec. we're going to get sci-fi on you because we are talking about geo engineering, an interesting technology being developed right now in silicon valley, also controversial. >> altering things in the climate to influence the climate. but meanwhile, a plan to use oakland -- to use alameda county sheriff's deputies to help the police department in oakland is running into resistance from some might think an unlikely place. >> it was proposed by two city council members. they want to spend half a million dollars to bring in 10 sheriff's deputies and a sergeant but the police union says that money would be better spent in house. the plan would be a temporary measure until new cadets are ready to patrol the streets of oakland. after years of hiring freezes, one california law enforcement agency is looking to hire a few new recruits and the competition is fierce. cbs5 reporter carter evans talked to some determined young
9:02 am
men and women hoping to join the traffic highway patrol. >> reporter: traffic is about to pick up speed. a three-year hiring freeze has left the department short on new recruits. >> in order to save money, we had not held academy training. >> reporter: but chp assistant chief brent neuman says the end of the financial skid is in sight. >> now is the time to fire up the system and begin to hire again. >> i couldn't wait. >> reporter: chelsea haley had already waited two years, so when the chp began accepting applications at 7:00 a.m. sharp thursday morning -- >> i was ready at 7:00. 6:59 actually. >> reporter: it's a grueling process to become a cadette. >> last time around when these jobs opened up there were more than 50,000 people that applied for them. >> reporter: gentleman roam is confident his year -- gentleman rome is confident his years in the air force will give him an edge but he knows the competition is fierce. >> a lot of people coming home from iraq just like me who -- a
9:03 am
job so quick to para military like chp it's a great find. >> reporter: the chp says it's also looking to diversify. >> i'm going to make it to the academy god willing. >> reporter: this criminal justice student isn't doesn't by the 10s of thousands of other applicants for just 150 jobs. >> if i was competing against 500, i mean, what would be the fun in that? >> reporter: you want to be one in 50,000? >> exactly. i do. >> reporter: a small chance to be part of the driving force in california's recovery. carter evans, cbs news, sacramento. the roadways are wet out there. it's been a showery overnight period. >> we picked up more than an inch in parts of marin county and quarter inch in san francisco. much is drying up now but a few light showers still linger today. doppler radar is bearing that all out with the showers heading south of the bay area, so fog and showers early,
9:04 am
clearing out tonight, so there's still a chance today and then later in the week we will be drying it out and have the whole forecast in a few minutes. >> that's good. we've got some other news as well. new this morning, hockey fans may finally see their favorite teams hit the ice. the nhl players and executives produced a 10-year deal and apparently they came to an agreement just before dawn this morning. now, the contract being proposed dropped the players' income share from 57% of the take from the league to a 50/50 split. it also contained a salary cap of $70.2 million for the season. now, already half the season has been cancelled but if they get this agreement, they hope to at least have the stanley cup and another half to go. another multiple murder in the colorado city already coping with a massacre at a movie theater. police in aurora colorado say four people including the suspected gunman are dead following a standoff yesterday. the three people who were shot were apparently killed before
9:05 am
police arrived. a fifth person reportedly the gunman's wife was able to escape and called 911. neighbors describe a chaotic scene as police tried to get the gunman to surrender. >> we have got the building surrounded, please come out with your hands up. >> i heard three gunshots. >> there was multiple, multiple explosions. >> tear gas was introduced in an effort to push him out. >> police shot and killed that gunman after hours of negotiations failed. the shootings happened 4 miles away from the spot where 12 people were killed at that midnight showing of the dark night night -- "dark knight" in july. that gunman, james holmes goes to court tomorrow. a teenage girl hit by gun fire in mill brandt and now in the hospital. that happened before 10:30 last night near the intersection of santa teresa way and park boulevard next to cappuccino high school. the san mateo county sheriff's office says the girl who was shot was 16 years old and from south san francisco. she is now in stable condition. so far no arrests.
9:06 am
a postal worker from san bruno going to be in court tomorrow where he stands accused of stealing to provide credit cards to friends. 38-year-old romero naton has already pleaded not guilty to charges of identity theft and possession of stolen property. a preliminary hearing happens monday. this all comes from last month when police found several thousand pieces of mail in his closet and his car. they've got at least three accomplishments allegedly used stolen credit cards. more bay area headlines, people living along the iron horse trail in the east bay being told to take down their fences. underneath that trail lies a jet fuel pipeline with the risk of exploding. contra costa county officials are cracking down on landscaping materials that sit too close to that pipeline. in 2004 the same pipeline was punctured and exploded killing five people. and there is a new ad campaign looking to take the stigma out of the word jihad. the council of american islamic
9:07 am
relations says that my jihad campaign on san francisco muni buses is meant to show that the word means more than just violence. it means to struggle and the ads will show how a jihad can mean anything from trying to lose weight to being a better parent. the awareness campaign started last month in chicago. a homeless bill of rights is being proposed for every city in california. state assemblyman tom ammiano of san francisco introduced this measure. it calls for a plan to give the homeless access to health care, clean bathrooms and places to stay. ammiano says the goal is to help the homeless rather than criminalize them. the bill would also include free legal representation. still to come, what's next for hillary clinton as she stems down as secretary of state. and the former senator from nebraska who may take over the highest post in the pentagon. but first silicon valley innovation and climate change, a new report on how the movers and shakers are trying to save the world. ,,,,
9:08 am
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we got light showers around the bay area but those will dry up as the day presses on, it will clear from the north to the south and the week ahead is looking dry.
9:10 am
swimming in the bay. more tn two dozen hardy souls braved 49 im from some like it cold when it comes to swimming in the bay. more than two dozen souls braced 49-degree waters to swim from alcatraz to aquatic park yesterday. some wore wetsuits. but one of the youngest, 16-
9:11 am
year-old hunter wright wore nothing more than his speedo. swimmers say they have to focus on endurance. wow. >> i bet. okay. if i was going to hop in the bay today, what would i be looking at? that's the question? >> i hope not an extra said of speedos floating around. mostly in the 40s, chilly out there. the rain is going to begin to dry up. we still got light showers and came down pretty well last night up in the north bay and even around the central bay we pick up about .5-inch. a few heavy cells getting ready to move into modesto. if we take a tour of the bay area, you'll see everything is dried up for the most part in the middle level of the north bay, same for the peninsula and in the east bay, livermore was reporting light rain up until a few minutes ago, it will be heading south and out but still leave us with mostly cloudy skies and areas of sprinkles
9:12 am
through midday today and then slowly the atmosphere dries out. here's what to expect, a few showers early today, clearing and cooler this afternoon and then high and dry for a little while. we will get to the extended forecast in a minute. first that low pressure is moving into the southland so los angeles expects rain tomorrow, not a lot, we had a few lightning strikes by the way off the san mateo county coastline overnight so after showers early, we will clear it off later. for tomorrow we will get fog in the morning around the airport. it might slow things up a little bit. winds out of the northwest at 25, a drying direction and cool direction too. high tomorrow just 57 degrees at the airport. new york's got sunshine if you're headed out of the bay area, chicago partly cloudy skies and 37 and that rain, for los angeles, that's the forecast for monday. for us for today, not much to it. frankly most of the readings today will be in the 50s with san jose coming in at 55, 57 at mill pete -- milpitas. 53 at brentwood, 55 up at napa,
9:13 am
not a bad day to go to wine country. 54 at santa rosa, 55 at bodega bay. extended forecast. chance of a few showers this morning and then begin to dry it out and monday through thursday, 50s will do it, partly cloudy skies will do it and in the extended forecast as we look seven days ahead, things are going to begin to chill off with temperatures only in the low 50s by next week, but still looks like after today not a drop in sight. so that's good. we will finally get a chance to drain and dry a little bit around the bay area. >> sounds good. thanks. the machines of the future rolling out in vegas this week. check them out. the new buzz at the consumer electronics show, self-driving cars. you've seen these driving up and down our hazy. companies like google have been working on these driverless cars since 2009 and according to the "wall street journal," toyota and audi will be showcasing their versions at the show. lexus posted a 52nd preview of its car -- a 5-second pru view of -- preview of its car
9:14 am
online. computers and tvs this year, touch screens are the norm. another new trend is computer screens being able to twist and flip. plus tvs getting bigger, there will be tvs 80 inches and larger with ultrahigh def technology. in the meantime can be applied to global issues like climate change apparently some silicon valley veterans are discovering new ways to help the earth. >> it's controversial. james temple from the san francisco chronicle who wrote about it this morning joins us to talk about it and some of the revolutionary ideas that could help. >> it hasn't actually been ruled out and tested in the real world but the science has been modeled and looks like it would actually work. the trick is getting the salt particles to the very particular size and very large quantity that would be necessary to do this on a scale that actually matters. >> so how close are we to that actually happening? i mean seems like it's out of a science fiction movie. >> it does and i should be very clear that the people that are working on in in silicon
9:15 am
valley, they have no intention of actually taking these machines out to ocean beach and starting to test it on their own. they are just focused on working in the lab, developing the technology that they think will be capable of doing it and they think they are pretty close. they would then turn it over to academic or government researchers to decide what to do. >> and that brings us into the area where you have -- if you have this technology, if it goes to academic or federal researchers, you need federal or academic money to back this and that will bring a debate in, won't it? because there's some concern about should you be coming up with measures that deal with global warming, like changing the cloud structure or something like that or should we be putting our efforts into preventing it. so is this going to be a political debate as we go down the line? >> i think absolutely it will be and i think that even the people that are advocates of researching this say first and foremost what we should be doing is be cutting fuel emissions as much and as quickly as possible but that's also not really happening. that's why they are exploring these issues. >> but if you come up with a
9:16 am
way that can possibly handle global warming and not cut down on our emissions, some people would say you're not going -- you're going to jump towards that because that's an easier way out, right? >> sure. there are several caveats. one is that brightening the clouds would do nothing for ocean acidification which is just as big a potential problem as global warming. the other is that no one really thinks this is a solution that would work for infinity. you know, it doesn't -- we could offset a certain amount potentially, we think, but over time there's the possibility that additional fossil fuel if we keep it up with the same rate will, you know, over -- will go beyond what we could possibly mitigate. >> there's also an ethical issue, we only have one world, if you end up screwing things up, we are done. do you even want to mess around with something like that. >> and this is the other argument against it that we are tinkering with nature, we are
9:17 am
trying to play god. the counter argument there is we have been playing god for over a century by polluting fossil fuels into the atmosphere and that this is just something that we might need to counter -- >> unexpected consequence, right? is that where the -- >> right. >> what other things are out there on the horizon that may be up for debate? i know this one is sort of science fictiony but these days you never know, one day it's science fiction, the other day it's fact. >> there are lots of things that are interesting and potentially controversial being explored. also people locally who are investigating something called stratospheric congestion, mimics the effects of volcanos which have cooled the globe in the past. >> it is very interesting. but when you're talking about tinkering with the environment, what kind of political steps would have to be taken before that would be allowed? >> exactly. and it's funny because when you deliberately say we are going to tinker with the environment it triggers all of this response but sometimes like he said, something like, okay, the
9:18 am
internal company combustion engine -- >> interesting. meanwhile the secretary of state hillary clinton, she is out of the hospital. >> and she is ready to step down. next our political insider on what she needs to do to stay politically relevant. we will be right back. e ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:19 am
9:20 am
president obama is expected to nominate former republican senator chuck hagel to be the next secretary of defense. >> that announcement could happen as soon as tomorrow. now, hagel would be replacing current secretary of defense leon panetta. hagel represented the state of nebraska from 1997 until his retirement in 2009. meanwhile, the president has already nominated senator john
9:21 am
kerry as the next secretary of state. so with those transitions in mind, we turn to former mayor willie brown and san francisco political writer joe garofoli and our question was on hillary clinton, she is out of the hospital and soon she will be stepping out as secretary of state. where does she need to be vis-a- vis democrats and what do you advise her to do in the upcoming months? >> first to make sure she gets herself healthy by perception and otherwise, she is our nominee in 2016 if she chooses to be that but you don't want any question about her health. she has got to get that out of the way. and then secondly, she has got to do what kareem abdul-jabbar did when he decided to quit. she has got to go from venue to venue acknowledging the accolades that she is rightfully due and then she has got to sit back and being the theory -- theoriatician about
9:22 am
things that are influence of her personal control. she is -- >> first she has got to go before the senate and explain what happened in benghazi and that's going to be grilling. she has got to be on her game and she has to be totally right first but got to face the music first on that one. >> and she has got so many people she can throw under the bus that it's going to be a lot earlier than joe seems to think. >> it is going to be an interesting prediction. do you think she is going to run in 2016? >> i think a lot of what miss clinton does depends on the health of her husband, one on a personal level. he's had heart attack issues and stuff, his health, her health. he is her secret weapon. he is the person out there even now who can stir up the troops and get the votes in and is a big part of the clinton operation so not just about her. it's about him. keep your eye on bill clinton as well. >> i always wonder about their marriage too after all they have been through but that's the girl in me talking.
9:23 am
>> one of great america's soap opera. a heads up for anybody who relies on street parking in san francisco. no more free parking on sundays. >> that's right. starting today at noon, check your watches, all parking meters will operate as they do during the week, which means you have to pay to play. but you do get a little bit of a break but parking control officers are only going to be issuing reminders, not those heavy duty citations for the next three sundays so get a little bit of a warning period. football fans, 49 playoff -- 49er playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. divisional playoff game next sunday at 5:00 p.m. general admission tickets go on sale at 10:00 this morning. once they sell out there, fans can still shop for tickets on the nfl ticket exchange i'm sure for an inflated price. you can also get them through ticketmaster. the fines want to give their --
9:24 am
the 49ers want to give their fans a win but a tough team, the packers. >> kim has that more on sports. >> 90 minutes before kickoff they announced christian ponder would be inactive with an elbow and green bay took full advantage. erin rogers will -- aaron rodgers will play his first game at candlestick a week from yesterday. the vikings without ponder were no match for the packers, already up 14-10. packers win 24-10. the bengals still haven't won a playoff game since 1991. arian foster with the only touchdown of the game. the texans advance to play the patriots. seth curry trying to take the lob out of lob city for the second time this week. warriors couldn't make a shop and the clippers couldn't miss. all clippers all night. sanford loses both games in southern california this week. shabazz mohammed of ucla with a
9:25 am
one handed shot. bruins over the cardinals 68- 60. matthew del -- finally tyrone wallace buries a three late to sink. cal wins it. coming up, it is the colts and the ravens. have a great day. >> reminder, she just mentioned it, today at 10:00 on cbs5, the colts versus the rainfalls if you want to check out that game. coming up, one last look at this morning's top story. >> and that includes a big break-through through the nhl lockout. the deal that could have the san jose sharks playing again. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
9:26 am
9:27 am
welcome back. let's take another look at this morning's top stories. a state lawmaker from san francisco wants to establish a homeless bill of rights across
9:28 am
the state. tom ammiano is calling for a plan that would provide access to health care and places to stay in every city. he's concerned the homeless are often treated like criminals. and there are landscaping changes in store along the iron house trail in alamo. the multi-use trail sits over the jet fuel pipeline which has a risk of exploding so contra costa officials are cracking down on any residential construction that is too close to the trail. and the four month long nhl lockout may be over. players and executives produced a 10-year deal this morning on the 113th day of the lockout. a 48 game season will resume after january 14th once all those details are up for renewal. one look -- one last look at the weather. >> it is mostly dried up, headed south but starting out with a mostly cloudy day. numbers will manage only mid- 50s, 54 in the city, 57 in oakland. after a chance of showers this morning, we will go partly
9:29 am
cloudy the rest of the week. the numbers don't change dramatically until next week when they dive down into the low 50s but no more rain in sight. >> take a dive down into the low 50s. >> california standards. well, some football fans may be confused when they see the redskins running a homer swing after scoring. >> home run swing but one little league team knows exactly where this touchdown dance came from. alfred morris got his signature move from the yorktown virginia team when he met them last spring. the rookie nfl player attend one of -- attended one of their games. he decided to dry inspiration from them. >> so now he takes a swing for the stands every time he scores. >> pretty special to them. i'm sure. thanks for joining us today for eyewitness news this morning. we hope you enjoy the rest of your sunday and the workweek ahead. >> we do hope that. >> have a great sunday. >> here here. >> dorn well better --


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